Whether you hunt, shoot for sport or want to buy a gun for home protection, the number one rule to remember is that safety is king. There is no negating the fact that firearms are deadly and should be treated as such. This rule can save your life and prevent tragic accidents from taking place. Follow these tips for safe and responsible gun ownership, so that you can protect yourself and everyone in your household. 

#1: The Gun Is Always Loaded–Even If It Isn’t

By keeping this thought at the forefront of your mind, you will be able to avoid having the gun go off accidentally, which can be fatal. If you always treat your gun like it is loaded, you will not point it haphazardly and will always be mindful of where your finger is located in reference to the trigger well. You will also be mindful that the safety is on, so that the gun cannot discharge. 

#2: Invest In A Quality Gun Safe

A thickly built, virtually impenetrable gun safe is the wisest purchase you can make when you choose to own guns. This is increasingly essential if you have children, since they tend to find a way to get into things that they are not supposed to. You can purchase a safe that will store multiple firearms in your collection, in addition to a smaller version that can house handguns that you keep near your bedside in case you have to ward off an intruder. These safes provide various levels of security, including lock and key, combination, punch code and even finger print entry.

#3: Avoid Making Modifications And Alterations

While adding a scope or a laser sight would be beneficial, avoid making modifications that alter the mechanical make up of your firearm. Altering the mechanical composition of your gun can increase the likelihood of malfunction and may even be illegal, depending on the laws of your jurisdiction. Changing the gun can also make it harder for repair professionals to clean and repair your firearm, since it ultimately is a different weapon. 

These tips, in addition to other common sense suggestions, such as unloading the gun when it is not being used and enrolling in firearms safety courses, like from Trophy Book Archery Ltd, will make your life of gun ownership safer and more beneficial. Follow these tips closely to make the most out of your gun ownership and always lean on professionals if you need further help.