Many women neglect to lift weights because they are worried that it will make them look bulky. Men tend to dominate the weight lifting clubs with exercise equipment, and women generally try to go to other sports that they think will make them leaner. However, lifting weights has many benefits and should be done by both men and women. Here are a couple reasons why.

1. Lifting Weights Burns Fat

Many people used to think that cardio was the way to burn fat. However, a study conducted at Penn State learned that on average people who lifted weights regularly burned more fat that those that did not. If you only do cardio you will get better at cardio moves, but you may not drop the fat. Instead, try lifting weights regularly. This will help you to slim down and get the body that you want.

2. Your Body Will Burn More Calories During Rest

When you have more muscle, your body will burn more calories while resting. This is because muscle needs more calories to sustain than fat does. This means that if you are building muscle through weight training, you could be burning calories, and essentially burning fat, while you are doing nothing.

Additionally, this means that your body will have an increased metabolism if you have more muscles. Thus, it is a wonderful cycle. You light weights, you burn fat, while you rest your body needs to use more calories and your metabolism speeds up, thus making it easier to lift weights.

3. Your Clothes Will Fit Your Body Better

When you lift weights you help your body to properly distribute its weight and muscles. As people age, their bodies tend to loose their shape. You might feel like your arms get saggy, your stomach is less tight and your clothes fit strangely. Lifting weights can help this.

By helping build muscle, you can keep things in their proper place. Thus, your body will be proportioned right and your clothes will fit properly.

4. Exercise Makes You Happier

It is no secret that exercising in general makes you happier. Whether it is lifting weights or doing cardio, you will be happier. This is because the body releases endorphins while you work out giving you’re a euphoric feeling. Thus, you will not only look better, but your body will feel better too.

For these reasons, and many more, both men and women should lift weights.