In spite of the fact that it offers a fun and unique way to get fit, pole fitness takes a long time to catch on. While it can be easy to see why pole dancing has a negative connotation, understanding its benefits may encourage you to take a pole fitness class.


One of the best things about learning pole fitness is that there are many levels to choose from. You can start out as a beginner and work your way into the advanced levels, or simply stay wherever you are comfortable.

Core Fitness

Pole fitness allows you to not only lose weight, but it also gives you the strength you need to hold yourself up in the air. This strength comes from your core muscles, which is what pole fitness targets.

Part of building up your core also includes giving you the great posture you need to hold yourself up confidently. That means it is a great choice for somebody who tends to slouch or must sit at a desk all day.

Getting fit with pole dancing also helps you become more flexible. Your limber body will experience fewer aches and pains as a result. Excellent flexibility makes you less prone to injury during a workout, and it also helps you maintain your balance.

Finally, one pole workout can lead to a loss of 250 calories and perhaps more depending on how long your session is.

Get Social

Pole fitness classes are typically given to small groups. This means that you can make friends in an intimate setting, really getting to know each other instead of feeling intimidated by a large class size.

The community associated with pole fitness is one that is very tightly woven. Other people in your class are likely to be supportive because they are also trying to learn the ropes.

Self-Esteem Boost

Pole fitness gives you that positive feeling of not only having worked out, but also in feeling good about the way you look. You will feel excellent knowing that you have a new skill in your repertoire.

Additionally, exercise releases endorphins that can battle issues like anxiety and depression.

Better Sleep

Exercise is incredibly helpful in battling issues like insomnia. Getting tired from your workout will help you sleep better at night.

Pole fitness is definitely not for everybody, but it has its benefits. It will keep your body in shape and keep you active. Everybody needs a hobby; could pole fitness be yours?