Learning to swim is an important part of a child’s development. In addition to allowing a child to enjoy water activities, it also reduces the chances that a youngster might fall into a pool or stream and drown. Teaching your child to swim involves an investment of time and effort, but the rewards are definitely worth it. Here are some key tips for parents looking to turn their young child into a confident swimmer.  


Using the right equipment helps the lessons go more smoothly. For instance, a kickboard is a great tool when you are trying to teach your child to kick his back legs in the water. You may want to use other types of flotation devices, such as a noodle, as well. Swimming goggles come in handy when teaching the youngster to be comfortable underwater. Plus, most kids think they look neat!   


One terrific instruction method is to use games as a learning technique. For example, have your child play a game called “talk to the fishes.” This game involves having the youngster pretend he or she is chatting with a fish by blowing bubbles in the pool. Then have the child turn their head to place an ear in the water, pretending to listen to the fish talk back to them. The point of the game is to teach the child how to breathe properly during a swimming stroke.  


Teaching your child to become comfortable underwater is a key element of teaching them how to swim. Start the process gradually by lightly splashing water on their faces and then on their heads. This gets the child accustomed to having water touching his face. Then have the child hold onto the side of the pool while sticking his or her head below the water’s surface. To help the child if they are hesitant, stick your own head under the water to show them there is no danger. Later, when the child is acclimated to being underwater, have the child swim underwater to reach an object you are holding below the surface. 


For many parents, the best way to teach a child to swim is to have them take lessons from a professional instructor. You can stay in the water with your child and focus on helping them learn and keeping them safe, while the instructor focuses on the lesson plan. 

Teaching your child to swim is doing them a huge favor. For more information about this topic, talk with a service like B & C Aquatics Limited.