Racquetball is currently on the rise in popularity. Its cousin squash, or squashraquets, is slightly less popular, but just as exciting and probably even more physically demanding.

There are few standard elements to any racquetball game.

The Court

Squash is played in an enclosed space with four walls. It has one line that sits in the court horizontally that divided it in half, then another line that lies perpendicular to that one and divides the back half of the court in half. Both of these back boxes contain two other boxes that lie against the wall. These boxes are only used during serves.

Unlike a cube-shaped racquetball court, a squash court has different sized walls. The front wall is the largest, the back is the smallest, and the two sidewalls are angled so that one side is as tall as the front wall and one side is as short as the back wall.


The two competing players spin a racket to determine who serves first. The server determines which side of the court he or she wants to serve from. The serve must strike the front wall above a service line and below an out line, and it must not bounce in front of the back half of the court afterward. If a server wins a point, then the two players switch sides for the next serve.


The ball may only bounce once after the players hit it and after it hits the walls. The ball must be played within a certain area on the front wall. The balls can hit the sidewalls or back wall, but the one-bounce rule always applies, and it must always hit the front wall before it bounces.


In most modern squash games, what is known as Rally-Scoring is used. This means that a player is awarded a point for winning a rally, regardless of which player is serving (in early forms of squash, only servers who won rallies were awarded points). Most games are played to 11 points, and a player must win a game by two points. Official competitions are usually played in best-of-five series.

This game takes quite a bit of practice to master. You may have to scout around your area to find a gym with squash courts.